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Real Estate Gives donates 1/2 % of every purchase price back to the community from every sale.  A portion of which can be selected to be donated to Love Inc. on your behalf.  Help us out by interviewing one of their agents next time you or someone you know are in the market to buy or sell.  Real Estate Gives can be reached by phone at 248-693-4400 or check out their website:



Sometimes we wonder if our efforts have any impact at all. Does the small thing that I do or that I give make a difference? When we put our individual efforts together, the impact grows tremendously. As Christ-followers, we have the privilege of being the hands and feet of Jesus. . .even if we think it’s just in a small way.
Here’s a small opportunity for you to consider. Join our thINC Love INC button club. Get a button to wear, to share, when you become a monthly Love INC donor. Your donation can be $10/month or $100/month or any monthly amount you feel led to give. You’ll receive your button and probably see others wearing theirs. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing to experience…. seeing many in our community with thINC Love INC buttons knowing that your bit, added to others’ bits, can all be used by God to help others that can hopefully see His love and faithfulness?
Join thINC Love INC club today.